A Gaming Moment Podcast

S2E13: Steam Bans all Games with NFTs or Cryptocurrency

October 19, 2021 A Gaming Moment Season 2 Episode 13
A Gaming Moment Podcast
S2E13: Steam Bans all Games with NFTs or Cryptocurrency
Show Notes

This week we discuss, Steam banning all NFT and cryptocurrency based games from the platform.  Also weekly Banter Items including, AMD's AM5 platform supporting DDR5 and PCIe 5 at launch, Daygon07's Back4Blood reaction, Xbox Series X mini-fridge, ransomeware payout numbers, BestBuy TotalTech, Sony letting you register to purchase a PS5,  Hundred Thieves acquiring Highground, and some VR news.

 All that and MORE in this episode, and as always... Keep Grinding!

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