A Gaming Moment Podcast

S2E11: Twitch’s "Boost This Stream" System and Their Answer to Help Reduce Hate Raids

October 05, 2021 Season 2 Episode 11
A Gaming Moment Podcast
S2E11: Twitch’s "Boost This Stream" System and Their Answer to Help Reduce Hate Raids
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This week we discuss, what we believe to be Twitch's new pay-to-win system called "Boost This Stream" which helps your viewers getting your stream in the recommended channels list. We also go over their answer to help reduce hate raids.  Also weekly Banter Items including Battlefield 2042 Beta Release and Dice showing no mercy for cheaters, Resident Evil 4 is coming to Oculus Quest 2, China Bans PUBG Esports, A small Xbox Cloud Gaming Review, and as always a few follow ups from previous episodes! Also the always popular Questions of the week! 

 All that and MORE in this episode, and as always... Keep Grinding!

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Daygon07  00:33

What’s up game geeks and tech junkies. Welcome to A Gaming Moment. A weekly podcast about everything gaming and streaming related, including the news Tech and software behind it. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, so you can engage with us as well as find out when we’re streaming the podcast and get a first listen before it goes out, across all of your favorite podcasting platforms. I’m Daygon07 and with me as always is WildTwinsFan. How you doing this? We quality

WildTwinsFan  00:55

Good and a couple of topics here for the week. Gonna talk about Twitch’s new “Boost this Stream”, and is this pay-to-win or pay-to-lose? We’re also going to talk about topic number two, Twitch’s new phone verified chat, which is aiming to curb harassment. We also have our banter items. We’re going to talk about Battlefield 2042 and the open Beta that we promised last episode. If you guys are following us on social medias, you should see our post already on those. We’re also going to talk about Dice and them having no mercy for Battlefield 2042 cheaters, which is nice and refreshing. We’re also going to talk about Resident Evil 4 and a VR release exclusive to the Quest 2 next month. China bans PUBG E-sports. Also now Xbox can technically play PS1 games and Nintendo 64 games thanks to the new internet browser. And we’re also going to talk about Twitch partnering with Warner Music to host original music programming, and making another deal similar to what we talked about last week.

Daygon07  02:00

Let’s go ahead and dive into this. This is a topic that came up this week, Devin Nash, kind of covered this. And if you guys don’t know, we’re huge fans of Devon Nash on this channel. It’s this new “Boost this Stream” feature for Twitch streamers, and it’s actually viewers that pay for the service in order to promote the streamer’s Twitch stream. And Wildy I consider this a pay-to-win system and just to kind of give you guys a brief background, like a very short background. Basically, viewers can pay like three dollars to have your channel, be promoted in the recommended section of Twitch for a thousand Impressions, right? So $3 gets your stream put in front of a thousand people one time not guaranteeing any click throughs or anything, your channel gets shown in the recommended section either on the side bar or on the homepage of Twitch for different viewers. Is this a pay-to-win system? Or is this just a scheme for Twitch to get more money out of viewers? Because none of this money goes towards the streamer.

WildTwinsFan  03:17

Yeah, it’s totally a pain to lose system if you ask me. First off, we’ve talked about this in the past. Twitch doesn’t have the ability to know who their users are and what their users like and what the users interest are that they don’t have that background set up amazingly in their Twitch system. So when they recommend your channel to people they’re going to recommend it to people that might not even watch your channel or people that aren’t even signed in. So it’s like there’s no way that these people are going to be clicking on these recommended links. It’s just not going to happen. Plus it’s just stealing revenue, right? People are going to think this is going to help their streamer and this is going to help their community grow and it’s not, it’s just lining Twitch’s pockets, and it’s honestly disgusting because there’s really no actual use for this system. 

Daygon07  04:17

Yeah, absolutely. I think the big key here is that these recommendations go towards non logged in viewers as well. So these are people that aren’t even on Twitch. This could be somebody doing a research project or a few people doing a research project. And I mean, even if you get one click off of it, your conversion rate is still only 0.1 percent, right? If you’re getting like the thousand impressions, if one person clicks on it, it’s a .1 percent, conversion rate, and you know, the return on that is is horrible, right? The streamer doesn’t get any money off of it. That’s the worst thing right there. There’s no guarantee that your stream is going to grow. It’s a waste of money. Like if you’re a Twitch streamer, guys, I wouldn’t even enable this option. I don’t know if it’s a, if it’s an option, you can disable or if you can enable it, because it’s still kind of in beta access. It’s not available to everybody just yet, but they’re really trying to push this out. I don’t think it’s going to be viable for most small streamers, like encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel or buy merchandise rather than you know, help me get to the recommended section on the sidebar of Twitch on the homepage of Twitch because you’re not guaranteed anything off of that. What you are guaranteed though is if somebody subscribes to your channel, you’re guaranteed to get money off of that. If somebody buys merchandise from you, you’re guaranteed to get money off of that. So, you know, my advice and I think I can speak for a Wildy on. This is go with the sure thing, go with the guarantee and just don’t fall for this crap, that that Twitch is trying to steal revenue from the streamers.

WildTwinsFan  05:58

Yeah, because that’s really what this is. This is a feel good because people be like, “Oh, I’m helping my streamer”, but it’s a feel-good cash-grab for Twitch, you know, it’s how did they not… It’s disgusting to be honest. And I mean, if you wanted to do stuff, right, like, Twitch is not your discoverable platform. We’ve talked about this Twitch just doesn’t have it, and they’re masquerading this as a discoverability piece and it’s not because it’s not going to hit the right audience. If you wanted to target an audience, there’s actually one streaming service that that really excels at that actually. And it’s our good friend, Mr. Zuckerberg and the Facebook. And Facebook actually goes in because Facebook has a profile on you and and everyone and Facebook knows your interest. In Facebook, you can go into your ad and you can pick out that I want to pick out people of this age group that like these kind of games and like this kind of stuff. You can profile your market, you know, like most marketers want. Most marketers want to market to their audience in this is nothing. This is just a flyer you’re handing out in the mailbox around the neighborhood, what’s chances anyone’s going to the login and for nothing? So I mean if you want to do that, then you go to Facebook if you want to grow your spectrum this way.

Daygon07  07:22

Yeah, take those donations, take those Twitch payouts, take those merchandise sales revenue, take that to Facebook, create some Facebook ads and actually target the demographic that you’re wanting to go for. If you’re a Fortnite player, you know that most Fortnite, you kind of know the the demographic of most other Fortnite players if you’re a CoD player, you kind of know the demographic of most CoD players,  you can take that knowledge that you have create these advertisements, these mini ads on Facebook and actually get it into the people where it’s actually relevant and you’re actually going to get a return or you have a higher probability of getting a return on it. Don’t do this what Twitch is doing because as Wildy said, and we’ve said this before, and there’s been many others before us that have said this, the biggest problem with Twitch is Twitch has zero discoverability. There’s just no way. The recommended engine is flawed. The way that the channels are the categories are set up a lot of it set up, you know, highest the lowest. So the people with the most viewers are the ones that are going to keep gaining more viewers, and if you’re a small streamer and you’re, you know, 7000th on the list of, you know, playing Call of Duty, you’re not going to grow. So, and you obviously don’t want play games that is boring to you. And you don’t want to play the games where there’s nobody really watching it. There might be a hundred people watching it. But, you know, 98 of those people are watching one person, while you have nine or ten other people streaming the same thing to zero people. So, you know, take that Revenue, use it wisely, put it into some Facebook ads. Target your target demographic and really try to grow your influence and your brand and your awareness that way.

But while we’re talking about Twitch… Twitch has finally done something that I believe is a positive and this is the first positive that I’ve seen in a while come from Twitch, but Twitch has a new phone verified chat that aims to curb harassment. So we’ve been hearing about all of these hate raids against the LGBTQ+ community, minorities all that stuff. I mean, Wildy and I are seeing it on our channels. Every time we go live, we get you know, 9 10 11 12, follows from this Hoss bot thing. You know, these these this follow bot that that’s going on. The way that Twitch is now implemented a way of preventing hate speech and unverified accounts to talk to you is now you have the option to enable where people in your chat have to be verified on Twitch to be able to talk to you. So either through like a phone or email and I think this is going to be powerful for people who are just creating these fake accounts over and over to, spread this hate and spread just all this malicious content everywhere.

WildTwinsFan  10:28

Yeah, I agree. Overall, this is a nice addition to Twitch and it actually puts the power into the streamers hand. So I went in and set my settings the other day and I got it set up pretty conservative. Like you have to be on Twitch for a while. You have to follow my channel for a while before you can talk and that’s a little bit hard. A lot of times right now, you when you’re a small streamer, you get so many people coming in spam and you your chat with stuff like that. And so, that’s not really desirable know, as a viewer no one wants to see that stuff. So, you know, I’m constantly banning people that are coming in, spamming view bots and stuff like that, but this will be a good thing because this is gonna really kind of keep the control in the streamers hands. And also like I tested out StreamLabs, OBS has a nice like a safe mode setting that kind of like, locks your chat down with a quick click of the button and you could put, like, emote only chat on sub only chat on, you can clear your chat, it can go to follower only chat. And so, you know, that these issues have arisen in its kind of blows my mind that it’s 2021 and we’re now just getting tools to work with this stuff. But there’s tools out there to keep your chat, moderated, safe, and a healthy and non-toxic and if you don’t know what those options are, if you’re unclear with them reach out to us, we can will reach out to you and we’ll talk you through them and kind of explain that to you and get you on the right path to make sure that you’re happy and safe and your community is happy and safe and non-toxic. So a lot of tools out there being developed, make sure you know about them. Make sure you have them on tap if you need them.

Daygon07  12:20

Yeah, absolutely. Like Wildy said we’re here. Our community is here. We have a whole community behind us that will help, you know, kind of give you safe haven and you know, uplift you and everything. There’s there’s there’s zero tolerance for this bigoted behavior that has been going on, I’d say recently. But, you know, I’m 32 and it’s been going on since, you know, as far as I can remember and Wildy’s older than I am. These bigoted people have the comfort of sitting behind a screen and keyboard getting away, being able to get away with saying stupid crap and just hateful crap. And because you know at the end of the day, they know that there’s nothing that’s going to happen to them. Just know that we’re here with you. We’re here for you and you know will help you get this stuff set up and tuned as best as we can because, you know, we’re in it for you guys as well. There should be Zero Tolerance on bigoted content like that.

WildTwinsFan  13:19

Sure. And, you know, guys again, social medias even better yet our Discord. Amazing. That’s probably the best way to get one on one or two on one, or whatever, some help from from us. Or you may be using some other members to step up and speak help you out. So…

Daygon07  13:39

Yeah, so good job Twitch. Good job. Finally, finally, taking a step in the right direction.

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WildTwinsFan  14:05

Yeah, so I wanted to cover a little bit, obviously you guys, follow our social media as you’ll see that Battlefield open beta’s coming. Starting on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th for Everyone else sixth and seventh, now, if you’re an EA play member or Xbox Ultimate Game Pass. Will get you in there, too. So that’s I’m in, Day’s in we’re both members of that. So we’re going to be in first right away. Open Beta then on the eighth and Ninth.

Daygon07  14:38

Yeah. Be sure to follow us on our streaming platforms. We stream on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube. So I mean you can look us both up, WildTwinsFan, all one word, Daygon07, all one word on any of those platforms and you know, we’ll be we’ll be streaming that. I personally stream around between 10:00 and 10:30 p.m. Central Time most days. So if you ever want to drop in and say hi and see how the game is and ask us, you know, how we feel about the game. Please feel free to jump in. We look forward to speaking with you guys.

WildTwinsFan  15:16

Also, I think battlefields taken a really good well, Battlefield and Dice are taking a really good step forward like they’re watching and they’re paying attention, I think to the market not that this is new but they came out with a big statement emphasizing how cheaters are going to be treated on Battlefield 2042 and they’re going to say that cheaters are getting no warnings, no second chances, your banned. They’re going full tilt, their doing hardware bans they’re doing bans associated to multiple accounts. So, if you got banned on PC, you can be banned on console to or expect it and vice versa. And so I like that, that no nonsense, “no, we’re not taking any BS, your banned, it’s done. It’s over, you know, I mean valve, does it with CSGO. You’re not, you’re not arguing that they, it’s, you’re done. And this is this is the way that they need to go. They need to make it. At the most inconvenient as possible to help curb the cheaters.

Daygon07  16:21

Yeah, I agree. You know, that’s been kind of the biggest thing in the Call of Duty world. And you know, we complained about it a lot in PUBG. There’s so much hype around this game and in case you guys don’t know, there’s a only a couple game modes that are going to be included with the beta 1 is going to be the conquest game mode on the orbital map, which is basically a hundred and twenty eight players. 64 players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so a little less on the consoles. But on PC you’re going to get a hundred and twenty eight players where you’re fighting to control objectives, on pretty much a large map and then you’ll have access to four of the game specialist. One being Boris, the other being Casper, one being phallic and one being Mackay and you guys can kind of read about those online. The system requirements are actually kind of stepped up like minimum requirements. They want you to have a Ryzen 5 3600 like that’s pretty beefy or an Intel Core i5 6600K. It’s going to be a demanding game at least a GTX 1050 TI or a Radeon RX 560. The recommended on this is an RTX 3060, and or a Radeon RX 6600XT, so  that tells you from a GPU standpoint, how demanding this game is going to be and I’m actually super super excited because I think they’re really going to push the boundaries and they’re really going to push, you know, first person shooters to the next level as far as graphics and just level immersion goes. I’m super excited about this and if you guys haven’t watched the open beta trailer, you need to get in on that.

WildTwinsFan  18:21

Also in news, let’s talk about games that I probably won’t buy or play because I’m a chickenshit. Resident Evil 4 is gonna drop a VR release on the Oculus Quest 2 next month. So this is kind of cool, like they’re remaking it in VR, but just for the Quest 2 which now the Quest 2 is got quite the, the following, quite the audience and there’s a lot of headsets and quite frankly, like we’ve said, they’re great. I expect this to do well, but, you know, it’s another one of those like, I don’t know if I like that full-on immersion jump-scare thing that you know, Resident Evil can kind of, you know, play on you.

Daygon07  19:04

Man… I’m right there with you. Like full disclosure while he and I still haven’t even played Phasmaphobia in VR here. It just because of that, you know, when I talk about game immersion, like the Oculus or VR in general, is the epitome of game immersion,  I just don’t feel like pooping my pants.

WildTwinsFan  19:37

If like, even though the graphics are kind of, they’re still kind of cartoonish, right? You know, they don’t look like real life graphics. Obviously, you know, you’re playing the game. It’s just that immersion piece, where your so in it, and it’s really it’s difficult to like to drop your guard. To me, the only thing I can ever compare this to is like, when I was like learning to like scuba dive or snorkel with a mask, like the instinct to not breathe, when you’re underwater is so hard and it feels like even though you’re in VR. It’s like, you can’t turn off that immersion that you get from it. So it’s pretty neat. Actually enjoy watching people play this so like I don’t know if you guys ever watch Markiplier. Markiplier’s probably my favorite guy to watch scary movies and scary videos and Five Nights at Freddy’s or you you name it. And he does, that’s great stuff like that Phasmaphobia. So I’ll probably at get my Resident Evil fix that way.

Daygon07  20:45

Yeah, I’ve played Resident Evil 4 and I know that there’s, I was younger when Resident Evil 4 came out and I used to play it at night. And I know that there were nights that I didn’t sleep too well because of the game. So definitely doing it in VR, I probably won’t sleep at all at that point. So I’m going to pass on it. But, you know, I’ll definitely watch it. My wife loves watching people play VR games. She’s a big fan of The Boys on YouTube and EddieVR. And I’m sure you know, those guys will be playing it as well. And then of course, she likes Markiplier as well. So I’m sure I’ll be catching some of that content, but I’m definitely probably not getting not definitely, probably not. I’m definitely not getting that game. My son might get the game, but I’m definitely not going to play the game.

WildTwinsFan 21:36

There you go.

WildTwinsFan  21:38

Also, I’ll touch on China, Banning PUBG E-Sports. This one seems a little bit weird. Not like they outright banned it, but they haven’t really allowed it. And because of that, they’re shutting everything down and there’s thousands of people affected just in running it and then in the players and stuff, so, kind of harsh, the big hand of China slaps Gamers again. So, been a-been, a rough couple months here. Here.

Daygon07  22:14

Yeah, and you know us as PUBG players will you know, when we talk about hackers and the game and whatnot, you know, we immediately call them, you know, Chinese and that’s, you know, that’s a little on us. We shouldn’t do that. Even though most of them have asian-style names and we just automatically assume that that it’s Chinese and you know, I don’t think that we we associate PUBG with Korea. Even though Blue Hole is in Korea, where we should. So, we It’s be saying it’s Korean hackers. But, you know, this is going to affect a lot of people in the gaming industry in China. It’s going to affect organizers, teams content, creators the, the, the ban, as of right now, hasn’t directly affected live streaming platforms. It might in the future, but it’s right now PUBG competitions are the focus. So there’s not going to be anymore, you know, PUBG tournaments in China. So that’s that’s less money going around to gamers in China for, you know, the hardcore PUBG players which sucks. But you know, we’ve seen we’ve seen that come out of China before.

WildTwinsFan  23:24

So quite frankly. I don’t lose any members of my gaming community. So I feel bad.

Daygon07  23:31

And then Wildy something I’ve been testing out lately, has been Xbox’s cloud, gaming service. If you have Xbox game pass ultimate, you get the cloud gaming included. It’s not only limited to the PC, but you can also play cloud games through your Xbox without even having to install these games on your Xbox, which is huge because your hard drive on your Xbox is already filled with one Call of Duty game, anyway. There’s no other room for any other games on there. So, you know, this is this is a big help. Same thing for PC players. You can go into a browser. You can go to xbox.com/play and bring up any of their cloud gaming games. And all you have to do is hook up a controller. It can be an Xbox controller. It can be a PlayStation controller, just needs to be some sort of controller interface device, and you’re up and playing games in about a minute with no install. So, this also is perfect for people who don’t have high end gaming computers because you’re not using your computer’s resources, you’re using Xbox’s resources. So basically, this is Google stadia on Xbox and I think it’s awesome.

WildTwinsFan  24:53

If we’ve been talking about this for a while like the ability for them to even put all like a like a Roku stick or fire stick or apple, you know, TV stick or whatever the heck it is and it’s if this is even one better, right? You just need a working web browser and that’s pretty sweet. Checked it out on my new phone. Please pretty decent plays even better on my PC at the moment. So I might have to make some adjustments there. You can tell there’s a little bit of lag. So it’s not super ideal for the really tight…

Daygon07  25:26

…Multiplayer platforms and stuff. Like, like, I think you can play Battlefield on it. Me personally, I’ve been playing a lot of Skate 3, which is actually an Xbox 360 game. They have the backwards compatibility or these older games put in from the OG Xbox and Xbox 360. And you can come back and play these games. Like, you can play Perfect Dark and I don’t know if you guys remember Perfect Dark? Perfect Dark was one of the best games to ever come out and back in the day. And, you know, you can go back and just relive those games and it’s included in your subscription. So, you know, dive into that. Like I said, all you need is a controller. If you have Xbox game pass, you already have a controller. I’m using it on my iPhone. And Give you instructions on how to save pretty much how to save the page as a home page app for your iPhone. So that way all you have to do is click it. All of the new Xbox controllers since Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X came out. They all have bluetooth capability. So you can connect your Xbox controller to your phone via Bluetooth and play pretty much anywhere. As long as you have a stable internet connection. It doesn’t require that much resources. It’s fantastic.

WildTwinsFan  26:46

Yeah, for sure. I think it’s just one of those things. I didn’t even realize it work like it does and how well it does. So I’m going to spend a little more time checking it out and I just thought you guys should too. So now we know.

Daygon07  26:59

Yeah and in case you guys didn’t know on the Xbox, now with the new edge browser app, you can technically play PS1 and Nintendo 64 games on there. What do you think about that Wildy?

WildTwinsFan  27:14

I think that’s pretty sweet. I mean, that’s kind of been a thing for a while. And in fact, I think I get the biggest kick out of it because we were talking about this for the upcoming podcasts that we’re doing now and Linus Tech tips just put a video out on it like yesterday, so crazy, you know, so why Linus does a really good. He always puts good content out there. So that’s kind of one way to see it to him a little bit more in action, but pretty pretty neat. Like, I don’t know, there’s a lot of PS1 games. I want to play, but yeah, like I said, I’d say I’m still want to dig up Excitebike 64, you know, I might play some of the Mario games with the kids

Daygon07  27:55

Twisted Metal. Do you remember Twisted Metal back in the day?

WildTwinsFan  27:59

Twisted Metal was epic do when it came out. That’s kind of one of the games that kind of forgot about it for a while. Like we were just talking that I think there’s a Twisted Metal kind of remake coming up or something. And I will have to kind of keep a tabs on that, but, it was just a good game back in the day.

Daygon07  28:19

And just a note, guys. It’s not like these are native Integrations. These are like, you can go to websites that have video emulators or game emulators on them. And that’s how that’s how people are able to kind of access this stuff. Now, we already know that there’s some N64 games on Xbox as it is through Xbox Game Pass I mean there’s Banjo-Kazooie. Ee, there’s Conker’s, Bad Fur Day. There’s a whole, there’s a whole game pack that has a lot of those old games on there. So, I mean, it’s nothing new. But it’s cool to see that they’re allowing more technology through what we believed or originally believed, was limited browsers on on these gaming platforms. And, you know, I think it expands the possibility to be able to play cross-platform games on a console versus having to have a PC.

WildTwinsFan  29:15

And truth be told they’re not really legal, you know, so, I mean there’s you know, some shades of grey there but websites are up and you can do it. Then you can use your own morality to judge whether you should or shouldn’t. I feel like I bought most of these games in my lifetime at one point. So I don’t have too much issue, playing an online game that I used to own.

Daygon07  29:40

Yeah, I live in the gray area. So, you know, screw it.

WildTwinsFan  29:44

So then this week Day, we see the Warner Music kind of came up with a similar deal, like, we were talking about last week with DMCA’s and such.

Daygon07  29:52

Yeah, so Twitches really, trying to get around this whole dmca stuff, with, with audio. We do audio content, creators are music content creators or, you know, just people being able to want to play the music that they want to play on their stream without consequence, right? So after Week of coming to terms with the National Music Publishers Association or the NMPA for short. They signed a deal with the Warner Music Group, which launches dedicated channels for some of its artists. So people like Bella Porch who is a relatively new artist. She started up on TikTok. A lot of these artists can come and stream on Twitch and stream their music on Twitch without having to worry about any kind of DMCA or copyright issues. You know, just as a note streamers cannot play, Warner Music Group music on the stream. Nothing changes as it relates to playing copyright music that you don’t have rights to. So don’t think just because it’s a Warner that the publisher is Warner music group that you now have the ability to play any of those songs. You really don’t, but if you’re a content creator, you know, you’re part of the Warner Music Group, you can come in and, stream your music and whatnot. Like have it be running one of those long-winded streams where it just might be streaming your music videos or what have you?

WildTwinsFan  31:17

Yeah, either way. It’s a step forward and anymore, DMCA protections, you know, welcome. So kind of gives you the same option to maybe not get striked and to deal with a little bit softer handed and stuff like that. So that’s good. And and I like to see that Twitch is actually reaching out or working with some of these big companies and maybe moving forward, we can get some more stuff,  maybe we can get a Warner Music top 20 tracks coming up in the future where you got permission to play these 20 tracks and the artists get compensated for those and Warner Music gets compensated for those and everybody wins, but I won’t hold my breath.

Daygon07  32:05

Yeah, I think things are going to start getting figured out. There’s too many smart people in the world, too many smart people in both of these industries to not figure out how to make it work. Content creation and streaming, in general, is probably the biggest rising market on planet Earth right now. I think that they do need to go in and they need to get this figured out. People want people want to stream the music artist, want to make the money. Labels want to make the money. Let’s make this work of. Let’s Make It win for everybody. Let the streamer stream their music, Let the artists make their money. Let the labels make their money and let’s which, obviously, of course, because Twitch has got to be, have their finger right in the middle of it. All, you know, let them get their little piece of the pie there, their quarter, you know, their tenth of a cent or hundredth of a cent for each play. That, that happens on the platform, you know, whatever.

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WildTwinsFan  33:10

Well, now that you mention it, they there’s no better reason to hit us up in the social media in the top questions of the week. This week, we’re going to keep it short, keep it a moment and let’s just bring back a little bit last week. And, you know, it’s actually kind of interesting. I’ve just seen JGod, who’s a prominent YouTube streamer, just posted a poll on YouTube about what people are playing and want people are liking right now in BR and the community has spoken that it in the community right now is loving Rebirth Island, you know, and like I said, I’ve been loving it Day, you’ve been loving it. I have friends that have been playing the playing the crap out of it. So it’s like when you see that are they paying attention? Is Battlefield 2042 paying attention? Do you think this is where BRs are going right now? I mean for a long time there was rumors of, you know, well CoD went bigger with a hundred fifty players and there’s rumors of games that have a thousand players being developed, but maybe the BRs need to go a little bit smaller, you know, it seemed to work for Apex. Is this the way BRs are going Day?

Daygon07  34:25

I’d like to think so. I so the quality that I really enjoy about rebirth Island is, it’s fast paced. You’re not landing looting for 10 minutes and then, you know, you run into the first group of people that you’ve run into and then and you died. Okay, now, you’ve wasted 10 to 12 minutes and then you have to queue up for another game. This one, you kind of just dive right into the action as long as one player stays alive for, you know, x amount of time because the time varies, but as long as one person stays alive, your team stays in the game, and you get to come back. This is very beginner friendly. It’s kind of a cross between TDM so Team Deathmatch and a battle royale and this is the sweet spot at least for me because there’s so much action. You’re not confined to one game. The map is small enough. There’s still like 60 people on the map. The map is still small enough. There’s still enough people. There’s a ton of action. I think that’s the way battle royales should be going. They should be looking at that cross between like a team deathmatch and a battle royale versus you know, these large super large scale mpas where you know, you have a hundred people or a hundred and fifty people spread out across this giant map. You know, your average game time is 25 to 28 minutes. Whereas you can scale that back to a smaller map, have a little bit less people on there and have full game last 12 to 15 minutes, top to bottom.

WildTwinsFan  36:05

Yeah, I agree. Like for me that’s always been my gripe with PUBG because I don’t always want to spend 30 minutes playing a game to get the chicken dinner. Sometimes you just kind of want to hit it and quit, you know, or sometimes you don’t have an hour to play and I’ve spoken to this before and it’s like for me rebirth is really hitting that middle of the ground where you still got to BR, you still got the King of the Hill. Who’s the best player in the lobby? Who’s the best team in the lobby, you know, who can get it done, you know, tactics and you know, skill it all kind of comes in there. The one part that doesn’t really come in really big into rebirth Island, which I like is that the loot is not real important. I mean your guns are important and all that stuff, but there’s a lot of loot, the chest respawn. So unlike, you know, the regular war zone, where if someone opened the chest, it’s done. Adjust will respawn every 3 minutes, 5 minutes, something like that and and reopen with more loot. So you can always hold down an area and you don’t have to worry about half the necessarily having to push out to get more loot or more ammo. I mean, you do, but you don’t like you can kind of get enough to exist, but not enough to put up the full camp site and, and all that stuff. So it’s for me. It’s fine. It a really nice balance and keeping the game shorter with keeping the essence of BR. I’d like to see PUBG, and we’ve seen a little bit of it, you know, with some of the TDM and stuff like that. They kind of know that players want the shorter games, but maybe this will spur them on to get a mini battle royale going on. And maybe if the community is dwindling, like it seems to be at certain times of the day, maybe this is the key, you can get a map with 30 people on it and keep it into a smaller zone. Keep it interesting, keep it a fast-paced. Maybe they can up the loot. Maybe you can drop with loot, you know?

Daygon07  38:12

Expand it. Where  you can run duo’s only, you know that, I think that was one of the really cool things about Paramo be like, think about Paramo but using like Rebirth Island system, right? I think that would be. I think that would be fun. Or hey, really fun or Haven? Yeah,

WildTwinsFan  38:34

Or Haven? Haven was great.

Daygon07  38:36

There’s so so the possibilities are there and the community at least the CoD Community is really embracing rebirth Island. And the funny thing is is people are just now starting to, you know, play rebirth Island more and more. Even though the maps are already been out over a year, you know, people play plunder, but they’re really going there and testing out guns and stuff. You know, there’s so many hackers on Verdansk there. So, there’s less hackers on there’s less hackers on rebirth Island, even if there is a hacker on rebirth Island, you happen to get killed by a hacker on rebirth Island, you know, you’re in the game for, you know, 10 or 12 minutes or less, right? So it’s not a huge  time suck.

WildTwinsFan  39:22

And it’s easier to neutralize that that cheater to, you know, you got more people, more action and stuff like that. And quite quite frankly they can’t shoot more than one person at a time usually.  It evens a little bit of that and unfair advantage and you know, knowing where people are well there’s a ton of people, you know, so it’s a it’s been interesting. There doesn’t seem to be many hackers in the game. I’ve seen a few but overall the game plays been pretty clean pretty fun and and pretty intense.

Daygon07  39:57

So that’s going to be it for this episode guys. Thanks for hanging out with us. Thanks for listening in and consider our Patreon to support the podcast. And also, by going to merch.agamingmoment.com and picking up some of that sweets sweet swag. Subscribe to us on your favorite podcasting platform and be sure to leave us a five star review of the podcast. Also, make sure you guys join our Discord server. If you guys have any kind of suggestions or recommendations, or you just want to chitchat with us or game with us. Be sure to join the the Discord server. That’s the best way to get in contact with us. Also check back weekly for the next episode and until next time, guys, keep grinding.