A Gaming Moment Podcast

S2E10: Nvidia Database Leak; Apple won't allow Fortnite back on the App Store

September 28, 2021 A Gaming Moment Season 2 Episode 10
A Gaming Moment Podcast
S2E10: Nvidia Database Leak; Apple won't allow Fortnite back on the App Store
Show Notes

This week we discuss, Nvidia HUGE Database Leak, Apple blacklists Epic, and won't allow Fortnite back on the App Store. Also weekly Banter Items including Only Fans Banning sexually explicit content, only to back peddle days later, YT Monetizing Shorts, Sony has Finally enabled the expansion slot for your PS5! YT Premium Lite Ad free option being tested and Facebook Recall on Oculus Quest 2, and a NEW Quest 2. The state of Call of Duty, Call of Duty Vanguard and Call of Duty Warzone, and as always a few follow ups from previous episodes! Also the always popular Questions of the week! 

 All that and MORE in this episode, and as always... Keep Grinding!

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